Diamond T Ranch

100% Wagyu Beef
The Diamond T Ranch is your premier source for recessive genetic disease free Wagyu Cattle, boasting one of the largest full blood herds in Texas. Our cattle consist heavily of the Tajima blood line, the most sought after of the blood lines for their high marbling content, smooth texture, and buttery finish to the quality of the meat.

About Wagyu and Our Program

The Tristani Family is proud to offer you the healthiest, most delicious beef on the market. Much effort is put in to carefully maintaining the health and integrity of our herd on a daily basis. Close attention is paid to the growth of our all-coastal grasslands, to the strict feed regimen, and maturation of our finished feed lot steers. Our entire program, consisting of intelligent genetic combinations, embryo transfer, cow-calf operations, and finished steer feed program are all completed in house, allowing us to ensure every part of the process from birth to harvest, for not only your benefit, but also for our own, it’s all we eat!