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Who We Are

The Diamond T Ranch story really began a few years back… with a delicious steak dinner, of course. Tony Tristani had experienced what he considered the finest steak he had in his life while on a business trip. He immediately set about learning all he could about Wagyu meat, ranching, and the premium beef business. In 2012, the family purchased several hundred acres of green, hilly Texas land and  the Diamond T Ranch was born. Tony’s sons Dylan and Trevor did their part by helping to plan and lay out the ranch. They acquired their first herd of Wagyu cattle in 2013 and soon began selling their Wagyu beef to some of the finer restaurants throughout the south. They have won a number of awards for their efforts, including Grand Champion honors in the Grass Fed division at the 5th Annual American Royal Steak Contest.

As for the future, the Tristani family plans to continue raise and nurture the finest Wagyu cattle they can. Eventually, the goal is for the ranch to also be a retreat for ailing children and their families, enabling them to experience the great outdoors in all of its east Texas glory.

What Is Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu beef is known and sought after for its rich flavor, unique texture, and signature marbling quality. These qualities are all a result of 100% Wagyu genetics, along with high standards in how the cattle is raised and nurtured. The Tristani family has dedicated themselves to mastering each aspect of properly raising the finest Wagyu cattle.

How We Do It

Besides good old-fashioned traits like grit, dedication, and discipline, raising and nurturing genuine Wagyu cattle requires a firm grasp of genetics along with the patience and knowledge to properly care for the cattle. The Diamond T Ranch also offers acres of green hills, ensuring that all of their beef is grain fed.

Wagyu cattle
American Royal Steak Competition

American Royal Steak Competition

We were awarded Grand Champion at the American Royal Steak Contest in 2016 and 2017!
From start to finish,look to Diamond T Ranch as the source for champion Wagyu genetics & beef.